What is Teamy ? Teamy is a desktop application for managing, administration and configuration of your Microsoft 365 Education solution. You can forget about the different web administration consoles of Microsoft 365, Exchange Online, Teams, Azure Active Directory for your daily operations. Teamy brings them all together in one application. No more PowerShell scripting hassle !



  • Basic features
  • Number of users unlimited
  • No contractual support
  • Download now!

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Basics Features

Imports and Exports

Import and export your users, staff, students and guests based on CSV files.

Creation and constitution of classes

Create your "classroom" -type Teams teams, then assign your teachers and students, all on the basis of CSV files.

User profile management

Adapt your users' profiles, connections, attributes, passwords, regional parameters, education attributes, relationship contacts, all on the basis of CSV files. < / p>

License and application management

Assign or withdraw licenses to your users, and determine the authorized applications, all on the basis of CSV files.

Teams and other groups management

Archive your teams, configure your teams' messaging and distribution settings, view usage statistics, import and export users,…

Permission management

Define the permissions of your members on public channels, folders and files in your teams. Right to edit or read, as desired. Create personal and private files for your students within Teams teams.

Deploying Teams policies

Define your Teams policies and assign them to your users. Control private discussions, organization of meetings, etc ...

Deletions of users and teams

Delete your teams and users based on CSV file.

Advanced Features

All basic features

The Pro version of Teamy automatically offers all the basic features of Teamy. This version will be available in March 2021.

Using a clipboard for data

All data manipulations requiring CSV exports are no longer necessary. The data is stored in memory lists.

Multiple selections and advanced filters

On user and group lists you have powerful multivalued filters to define datasets which you can save as usable in-memory lists.

Manual creations

Manually create users, Teams teams, security groups, distribution lists, etc.

Settings for teams and other groups

View and adapt all settings for all groups, Teams teams, Microsoft 365 groups, security groups, distribution lists.

Generating reports

Generate health reports, unused teams, teams or groups without members, members without Teams policies, users without licenses, blocked users, distribution lists without moderations, etc.

Delegation of rights

Teamy can be used by any user, not a general administrator, to whom you grant application administration rights. Management of user profiles for example.

Problems with Teamy ? Please consult our FAQ, and if necessary do not hesitate not to make contact. We will be happy to assist you in installing Teamy.

The app is free to download for any academic organization that uses the Microsoft 365 Education solution. Just follow the link of download

Teamy can be installed exclusively on Windows 10 64-bit workstations. If so, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Teamy needs some PowerShell libraries to work. These should install automatically. If this is not the case, please get in touch.

Teamy allows you to manage, administer, configure all Microsoft 365 Education solutions. Whether Office 365 A1, A3 or A5 licenses, and Microsoft 365 A3 or A5 licenses

To use Teamy you must have a Microsoft 365 Education user account, with the General Administrator role.

Teamy does not support Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). Please create an account with the General Administrator role and deactivate the MFA for this account.